Craig and Sue Pattinson interviewed on Voice America

Recently Arcoessence Directors Craig Pattinson and Sue Pattinson were interviewed on American radio, Voice of America. Dr Mary-Jo Bulbrook discussed with Craig and Sue topics such as building, design, colour, fen-sui, plants and landscaping, all of which has been a result of 30 years of research and development. Click the above picture to listen in to their discussion.

“Why create environments that are healing? What is right about that concept? Two renowned experts in building, design, colour, fen-sui, plants and landscaping will present their views with examples described from their 30 year practice. Both are spiritually guided and gifted energy medicine practitioners/healers who combine their professional expertise with energetic principles to create harmonious living conditions through a holistic view of design and construction while actively promoting health and wellbeing of the occupants. Their strength is not to follow current styles or magazine trends, rather to capture the essence of the client’s heart’s desire that honours the integrity of the land, nature and natural beauty of the property and making the structure come alive for the occupants. A harmony between building, landscape and people is honoured and is primary. Sound design principles are used with consideration of solar, reducing running costs and eco principles. Become inspired!” – Dr Mary-Jo Bulbrook

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